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Vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean

отдых в средиземном море

Why rest on a yacht?

Rest on a yacht, the same kind of rest that will take you away from everyday life, hustle and bustle and certainly will not leave indifferent. Just imagine, in the world there is only here and now, you, the yacht, the sea and magnificent landscapes, replacing each other overboard. And the wind drives away all unnecessary thoughts from the head, it only remains to enjoy this unsurpassed pleasure, basking in the sun.

You can always book with us a tour on a yacht in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Thailand, etc. We have the widest range of yacht tours, hundreds of satisfied customers, many years of experience, and there are always discount tours on very pleasant prices. Also, with us you can always create a "customized" tour..

Every day you will see new cities, a new culture, a new life. Having tried once, you hardly want to return to the usual beach holiday format at one of the popular resorts. Resting on a yacht, you explore the world, meet the dawn in new places every morning, and, perhaps, even in places where it is impossible to get to anything, except by coming on a boat. A yacht is a place where you don’t have to be bored, even if nothing happens. You can do anything from aesthetic pleasure, sunbathing on the snow-white deck, ending with fishing and cooking your own catch.

What is different on a yacht vacation from the usual holiday?

Ordinary rest takes place according to the standard scheme: flight, transfer, hotel, excursions, restaurants, road back. In one hotel you live the entire period of vacation, you go to the same beaches, eat the same food at a buffet.

пляж на море

The scheme of rest on a yacht is approximately as follows: meeting the crew (if you fly from one city), flight, transfer to Marina (the so-called port for yachts), loading onto a boat, buying goodies, going to sea, way to the next stop, in the evening walk in the parking lot, overnight on a yacht. In the morning, access to the sea and the way to the next stop, and so on. During one trip you can visit new places every day, swim in the open sea, get acquainted with a new culture and enjoy beautiful views during the transition from parking to parking.

Features rest on a yacht

1. The yacht is a housing and vehicle.

2. There is a captain on the boat who is in charge of the process and all his requests must be carried out. First of all, it is important to comply with safety regulations. It is the captain decides when to go under the motor, and when sailing. The captain directs the mooring process and tells what to do to the other crew members. Even if you do not know anything about the mooring, they will explain everything to you, and find the most suitable task for you, in accordance with your possibilities. Whether it is to lower the anchor, throw mooring lines or lower the fenders overboard, each team member plays an important role. The decisions of the captain should not be challenged - this person knows his business and understands what responsibility lies with him.

3. Living conditions. Many people have no idea how capacious this seemingly small boat is. Yachts are different, but on average a yacht can accommodate 6-12 people. Cabins are usually designed for 2 people (with one common bed or 2 separate each other, like a bunk bed). And where to place things? It is a logical question, a very important point of rest, especially for girls. Do not worry, in each cabin there are lots of lockers of different sizes! Starting from the side of the bed, ending with the floor, everything can be opened and things can be placed everywhere, even for a small suitcase there is a place. Well, and, of course, a locker with shelves and a locker with hangers for clothes are also present. Such an important moment as a shower and toilet also bothers very many. Shower and toilet are, their number is proportional to the number of berths on the boat. You must tell how to use them.


The water on the yacht is pumped into the tanks at the stops and this water with rational use may be enough for 1-2 days.

Also on the yacht there is a kitchen and a cabin company. If among your team there are fans of cooking - the yacht has everything you need for this (except for products, you need to buy them yourself). Of course, the chef in this kitchen will not be able to roam, but to cook food according to simple recipes in such conditions is quite realistic. And to eat on the deck, where the sea breeze blows you - it is a pleasure!

4. All the while traveling on a yacht, you will communicate with your team. This is a great way to expand your social circle. And at the parking lots you also independently decide which company to get acquainted with the city. In any case, a trip on a yacht is an adventure in which it is impossible to remain without new friends and from where it is unrealistic to return without new fascinating stories.

What is remarkable about the rest on the Mediterranean Sea?

There are lots of destinations for yachting, but the Mediterranean Sea deserves special attention. Its coast is rich in beautiful landscapes, cliffs, cliffs, the shores have an unusually beautiful outline, and most importantly on the shores there are many beautiful cities in the world. Europe is rich in beautiful and well-kept cities located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. First of all it is Italy and Greece.

парусный катамаран

The south of Italy is incredibly beautiful and diverse. Islands such as Capri and Ischia, are considered to be a place for the rest of elite Europeans, but on the yachts hundreds of tourists sail every day to enjoy this beauty. The island of Sicily cannot be seen from the ground as brightly as it can be seen if it is rounded around the contour from all sides. Even the famous Venice can be reached on a yacht.

Greece combines an ancient civilization, a rich culture and magnificent nature. It is incredibly pleasant to enjoy the islands of Rhodes, the Cyclades, Kos from the water. A completely different view opens from the water, and you see the world differently.

It should also be noted that the water in those areas will be warm enough for swimming from mid-April to mid-October.

Rest on a yacht - a privilege for the rich? (Myth!)

It used to be that only the wealthiest people, millionaires, directors of large companies, etc., can sail on yachts. But so consider people who do not have real information. A yacht is cheap! Yes, more expensive than last minute trip to Turkey, but not much! But the emotions and impressions that you can get from this trip will be remembered to you for a lifetime! And you will definitely want to repeat this adventure again!

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