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Vacation on a yacht in Sweden


Brief tour description

Duration: 1 week

Description of the yacht:

вместимость яхты

10 people

спальные места

9+1 places


4 cabins

длинна яхты

47ft /14m

Price: 985€*

Places left: ∞


Yachting in Sweden

пляж на море

Sweden, washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Botnica, is the real kingdom of yachting. Sailing along the coast of Sweden includes a visit to the two largest islands belonging to this country, Gotland and Öland, but this is not limited. On a yacht, you can even completely cross this country or go fishing among the many small coastal islands.

Swedish coasts and yacht routes

Favorite sailors on the west coast of Sweden lies from Norway to Gothenburg. It is very beautiful during the white nights period. To the east is the picturesque Stockholm archipelago — many small islands.

Numerous inland waterways of the country are also invited to go on a journey. The most popular is on the channel Göta. It allows you to cross the whole country without leaving the yacht and, as sailors put it, “without removing the mast”.

The southern part of the country attracts wildlife, secluded marina and Swedish picturesque villages on the coast. Europeans love sailing in these calm waters for the sake of contemplation and fishing. — In sea waters, hundreds of game fish are frolicking.

Yachting on the shores of the North Sea is more severe. There is an active period for yachting, of course, summer. In the sea, with the naked eye, the boundary between the warm and cold currents is visible — for the sake of this picture alone it is worth making a difficult, but fascinating, maritime transition. Even in the most favorable period and the summer heat, it is necessary to stock up on warm clothes, as the weather in Sweden is unpredictable.


How to find parking

Staying at the parking lot from July to August in the most popular marinas on the Swedish coast is not always possible to place a parking lot. Swedes are real navigators and almost every family has a boat. During the holidays, many rush to the sea, so it makes sense to go sailing in this country a little earlier (May-June), or a little later (August-September).

Coastal towns, regardless of size, always offer everything you might need along the way. Near the docks in any port there are grocery stores, gas stations. Fuel is better to stock up in large cities. You can moor anywhere, but spending the night in the marina is much more convenient than on the anchorage that is remote from the coast. You can distinguish them by red or blue color. There are allowed short-term stops or one night stay. If the berth is private, then permission to moor must be obtained from the owner. Exception — there are cases when there is a green card on the bank, which says that the place can be used for free.

Yacht can be repaired in the largest cities:

• Stockholm at Vasahamn Pier;
• Gothenburg.

In the largest cities in Sweden, it is worth staying for fascinating walks and ordinary tourist joys. Museums, shops, amusement parks — here everything that the soul of a tourist craves is to the fullest extent possible.

остров Порторороза


What is included in the price

1) stay on a yacht for 7 days;
2) skipper services;
3) the first and last night in the port;
4) bed linen and towels;
5) parking in marinas;
6) fresh water, fuel;
7) cleaning after the cruise

What is NOT included in the price

1) flight (from 150 euros);
2) food;
3) security deposit for the yacht

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