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Travel on a yacht in Italy

путешествие на яхте по италии

Holidays in Italy is beautiful! The customs of the country, its culture, cuisine, the incredible beauty of the surrounding places - all this acts like a magnet for the modern tourist. Going on vacation to the islands of Italy, everyone wants to see its golden beaches and find out the maximum of new places, to get enough every day, to feel the whole atmosphere, so that on coming home the memory would give pleasant moments from the rest to the sea for a long time. Many travel companies offer travelers standard island tours, but, wanting to get to know Italy for real, take a look at the memorable places with a completely new look - you just need to rent a yacht for travel. Rest on the yacht involves a completely new feeling, a completely different world. It can not be found if you are a regular backpacker. In addition, the cost of the yacht for the company of like-minded people will cost no more than the rest in a good hotel in Italy.

You can always book with us a tour on a yacht in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Thailand, etc. We have the widest range of yacht tours, hundreds of satisfied customers, many years of experience, and there are always discount tours on very pleasant prices. Also, with us you can always create a "customized" tour..

Vacation on a yacht - new horizons

Definitely, any rest brings us joy and a lot of positive emotions, but We provide an excellent opportunity not only to diversify the journey around the islands during the holidays, but also to bring new horizons into our lives, new experiences, exploring the most beautiful parts of Italy, traveling on a yacht from island to island, visiting the numerous beaches of Italy. Our company has one distinctive feature of leisure on a yacht. As part of a trip to the islands of Italy, we provide the opportunity to learn yachting. Every avid tourist wants to stand at the helm of a snow-white yacht while traveling, feel like a captain, feel all the adrenaline that is inherent in this sailing sport? From the very first seconds on board the yacht, your consciousness will turn over, rest will cease to be familiar. итальянская бухта

You do not want to return to the usual tourist life in noisy hotels with crowded beaches. A voyage on a luxury yacht opens up new opportunities for recreation. When traveling on a yacht, you can look to the shores of any island, and Italy has something to boast of:
• Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. The largest volcano in Europe, Etna, is located on it and attracts many travelers with its greatness to rest. The entire coast of Sicily is dotted with beaches, but there are places to the bank of which you cannot get close to the land. Renting a yacht for a holiday, you can closely examine the rocky shores, step back from the noise and appreciate the nature of the island of Italy in all its glory;
• Elba is the most popular island in the Tuscan archipelago, characterized by a majestic history. Here in 1814 was the shelter of Napoleon. A trip to the island on a yacht will allow you to see the main defense of the city of Portoferraio - the fortress walls of the Medici, look at the many beaches of Italy and leave a pleasant imprint in memory;
• not to mention Sardinia. Rereading the articles about traveling in Italy, you understand how many mysterious places there are on this island, and for an ordinary holiday on a burning tour all these places can remain a mystery. Only for lovers of yachts will reveal all the secrets of the magical island with its mysterious beaches;
• if you want to plunge into the warm embrace of the thermal waters of Italy, you should definitely look at the island of Ischia in the bay of Cartamano. On the island itself there are eight thermal parks. For a traveler by sea, it is worth noting the natural thermal park Gardens of Eden. The coastline in the park is a solid healing “pool” for relaxation, which is very convenient to reach on a yacht;
• A small highlight of the Italian islands is the island of Panarea, formed from an extinct volcano. The population of the island reaches 300 people, but at the height of the tourist season increases markedly. The infrastructure here is not very developed, only a few hotels, so the island’s prices for rest are high. The beaches of the island are mostly wild and difficult to reach on foot. A vacation on a yacht is a great advantage for this island.

Describe the benefits and attractions of the islands of Italy can be a long time. But it is better to see 1 time than to hear 100 times. Considering what price we are we offer for a holiday on a yacht, afford a similar trip on the islands of Italy can be many times.

пододный мир средиземного моря

Особенности яхтинга по островам Италии

Traveling to the islands of Italy for the first time it is important to choose the right season for yachting. Naturally, the most common months for a trip on a yacht from June to August. The average air temperature at this time reaches 34 ° С, and the water warms up to 25 ° С. Often there are those who wish to maneuver on a yacht across the Mediterranean Sea in May or September, during this period the temperature regime of Italy can vary between 24-28 ° C. Many island travelers choose Italy for its temperate climate and low rainfall. Naturally, it should be borne in mind that in the northern and southern regions of Italy, the temperature may differ significantly.

Kruiz has in its arsenal the best skippers, experts in their field, which will help you to make a route for yachting, starting from your preferences. The captain of the yacht will be able to more accurately tell what weather conditions on the islands you are interested in.

Every season for holidays in Italy is good and amazing in its own way. Someone likes to travel on hot days, someone has enough romantic coolness for solitude in each other's arms. No matter what time of year you choose for a charter on the islands of Italy, it is important that you get a lot of inexpressible, completely new impressions of an unforgettable boat trip.

Why rest on a yacht?

Experienced tourist is difficult to surprise with luxurious hotel rooms, familiar menu, a standard set of entertainment. When each vacation becomes like the previous one - the spark goes out, the brightness of impressions is lost. Open new the universe with new opportunities for recreation, choosing a charter tour on a comfortable yacht.

The main advantage of this holiday is a rapprochement with nature. On the yacht there are no restrictions in the form of concrete walls. Around the air, the beautiful Italian sky and the endless sea! Vacation on a yacht on the islands of Italy is suitable for everyone, whether it be newlyweds or married couples with children. When sailing everyone will find something that will leave a special meaning in his mind.

шторм в италии

The coast of the “Italian boot” is about eight kilometers, on it there are a large number of beaches that can be seen on vacation on a snow-white yacht. Most of them annually receive a prize from the environmental organization Legambiente, called Bandiera Blu (Blue Flag). In recent years, the number of award-winning beaches in Italy amounted to about 300 pieces. This once again confirms the advisability of choosing a yacht for rent for holidays on the islands of Italy. After all, as part of a trip on a yacht, you will not only enjoy the gentle sun on the cleanest beaches, but also be able to go diving both in the vicinity of the coast and beyond.

If you delve into the study of the Cote d'Azur, then there are several Italy's most famous beaches:
• “Two Sisters” beach is located in the eastern region of Italy - Marche. The name of the beach comes from two identical cliffs, majestically protruding from the depths of the sea. Due to its unique location, the beach is considered “wild”, for which it is appreciated even more. In order for a traveler to get to this amazing shore, one must walk along a steep cliff. Due to the high risk of tourists delivering boats, but at your disposal will be a whole yacht!
• Going on vacation to Tuscany on board a snow-white yacht, you can visit a truly virgin piece of land, towering above the sea. The province of Maremma offers you a protected area of ​​Italy with elegant green vegetation, sky-blue water and clean sand. At such times, time stops and makes us think about the great, eternal and beautiful.
• On the Italian island of Elba there is a beach with the historical name Fetovaya, it was assigned to it in the 16th century, thanks to the thickets of gorse bush, exuding a strong “fetid” smell, which translates into Italian as feto. Especially, this place is preferred for rest with the kids, thanks to the shallow and sloping bottom. If you prefer to be alone, then you should go along the coastline to the rocks. A yacht is the best way to do this!
фото с мачты• Those wishing to go diving and fishing on the islands of Italy need to visit Chiaia di Luna Beach on Ponza Island. It got its name from the Gulf, whose shape resembles a curved month. Over the sandy beach, majestically towering rocks, reaching 30 meters. Tourists on vacation can not worry about the collapse - in order to avoid tragedies on the beach, the rocks are reinforced with a metal grid. Cliffs rising above the water are replaced by grottoes and numerous reefs under water.
• “The most beautiful is you!” - this is how a competition nomination called Legambiente sounds in Italy, in which White Bay located in Camerota won in 2013. The small beach of Italy, surrounded by nature reserves, has an incredibly clean white sand and crystal water, and only a snow-white yacht under sail will be able to complement the natural idyll!
• The Red Bay is located on the island of Favignana - it is a kind of ancient amphitheater of rocks and stones, continuing their origin in the depths of turquoise waters. The coast of the bay is not very good for swimming. At the slightest agitation of water on the stones is very difficult and dangerous to descend. But you can not miss this amazing place to stay. Thanks to traveling on a yacht, a bay, you can admire from afar, take incredible photos to commemorate a walk in Italy.

In Italy, there are a lot of wonderful places for recreation, in which there is something to see and to admire. The main question is to properly organize your leisure time, going to the islands.

крассивый закат с яхты

Обращайтесь к профессионалам яхтенного досуга — Kruiz

Sailing tours of the islands of Italy are organized for companies consisting of 8-9 people. The cost of the tour is divided into all, which significantly reduces the cost of rest. We do not take the amount of the insurance deposit, and yet we are responsible not only for the safety of the vessel, but also for the safety of the whole team during the trip, paying the insurance premium on their own. We create routes to the most beautiful corners of Italy, based on your wishes. We do everything possible so that your vacation on a yacht will bring a lot of emotions and impressions.

Sailing tours of the islands of Italy are organized for companies consisting of 8-9 people. The cost of the tour is divided into all, which significantly reduces the cost of rest. We do not take the amount of the insurance deposit, and yet we are responsible not only for the safety of the vessel, but also for the safety of the whole team during the trip, paying the insurance premium on their own. We create routes to the most beautiful corners of Italy, based on your wishes. We do everything possible so that your vacation on a yacht will bring a lot of emotions and impressions.