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Подводная охота

Spearfishing in the Mediterranean on a yacht

PREFACE: The article is for informational purposes only and is dedicated to people starting their journey as an underwater hunter. For more professional information - contact our managers or your skipper.

The tender waters of the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times attracted mankind. They have been plied more than once by military and commercial ships, studied by scientists, sailors and simple fishermen. They cherish in the deeper layers of amazing flora and fauna, which Kruiz offers to see during the underwater hunt.

The best vacation in the Mediterranean is a vacation on a yacht, during which you can go underwater hunting. Transparent Mediterranean water washing the islands attracts travelers. This is another way during the holidays to see Italy and Greece in all its glory from a completely different, opposite and such traditional side. Managing along the emerald coasts of the Mediterranean and conquering its waves on a yacht, you will surely get a powerful charge of positive emotions from relaxation, unforgettable impressions, knowledge, skills, and discover new horizons both literally and figuratively.

You can always book with us a tour on a yacht in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Thailand, etc. We have the widest range of yacht tours, hundreds of satisfied customers, many years of experience, and there are always discount tours on very pleasant prices. Also, with us you can always create a "customized" tour..

Features of the underwater world

Underwater hunting in the Mediterranean during the holiday is developed at a high level. It is here that she enjoys special demand among both novices and experienced fishermen. In Greece, competitions are held annually in this unusual sport.

The landscapes of the Mediterranean are represented by the alternation of beaches and rock walls, sand and vast fields of sea grass, cliffs and gentle areas. This is a colorful, beautiful and diverse world, which is glad to every visitor at any time of the day. Underwater hunting in the presence of a yacht is something.

подводный охотник

When going on such a journey, it is important to know the following features of these clear waters:
• The fish, in general, are extremely cautious, but are presented in huge quantities. Near the coast there are whole flocks of salpa, lavrakov, mullet, dorado, sargo. Measure and, slabs should be sought in secluded places under the stones. The walls of the cliffs are inhabited by denti, sea burbots, eels, moray eels hiding in secluded canyons. Larger fish such as tuna, serioli, loafar, barracuda are also found here. It can be found on the reefs near the islands, rocks. There are also king prawns, lobster, octopus, squid, curcuna. Such a variety of impressive and allows each sea hunter during the rest to choose the place that will bring maximum pleasure from this trip on a yacht;
• on the sandy bottom of the sea at a depth of 25-40 meters are often located rocks, small and large stones in bulk, plates, therefore, this depth is only by experienced and carefully trained divers;
• Yachting, underwater hunting in the Mediterranean can be done daily. The main thing is to choose the right wetsuit, the place of immersion in order to get the maximum amount of positive emotions, to make your catch diverse and significant.

Renting a yacht for recreation allows you to fish not only from the side of a sailboat, but also plunge into the waters of the Mediterranean, explore the local ichthyofauna, get fresh sea delicacies, which will become the basis of your dinner. There is nothing better than to eat freshly harvested and cooked seafood. Expensive store frozen fish can not be compared with the one that you yourself caught.


Подводная охота и яхтинг в Греции

If you like a non-standard vacation, tired of traditional walking routes from the beach to the beach, boring excursions, familiar hotels, craving for new experiences, then our yacht club is at your service. We offer the best vacation in Greece on a yacht. This country is recognized as the ideal place for yachting in the world, and all because Greece:
• has completely different archipelagoes and islands. About 6 thousand islands count in the seas of Hellas. All of them are scattered in a small area, which makes yachting training not tiresome. There are many secluded bays in which it is easy to hide if necessary;
• offers a huge number of amazing routes that will make an unforgettable vacation on the sea;
• is all-season. Holidays in Greece - it is always warm, gentle sunshine, golden beaches, crystal clear water, light breeze. With the help of experienced club consultants, it is easy to choose the most suitable region, given the weather conditions. So, in spring and autumn submarine hunting is most common in the Cyclades. At this time there is a comfortable temperature and calm weather. In the summer period, experienced submariners choose the Ionian archipelago and Sporods. In the Saronic and Argos bays there are excellent conditions for sailing and hunting directly throughout the year.

The site contains prices for such a vacation in Greece from one person per week. The cost of renting a yacht for a holiday on the islands is divided equally among all members of the group. This is usually a group of eight people. It is worth noting that the prices of holiday on a yacht in Greece are very democratic. This is equivalent to removing a room in a good hotel. In addition, as a bonus, you will get what is unavailable to the backpacker! Beautiful view from the yacht, an exciting dive into the sea with experienced instructors. The whole world of marine life, fauna in full view!

Underwater hunting and sailing in Italy

Holidays in Italy on a yacht - the cherry on the cake. There are more yachts here than residents of the country. Yachting is very developed in Italy, so to go to this country and not to go swimming is a real crime.

подводная охота в греции

Holidays in Italy on a yacht - the cherry on the cake. Here, more Italy is washed by the five seas from three sides. Tourists are available to any of the coast. So, if you plan not only to enjoy underwater hunting, but also to admire the beauty of Pompey, Capri, Vesuvius, learn the cultural heritage of this country, then you are to the Tyrrhenian Sea. For peace, quiet, clean beach, calm, balanced rest in Italy should go to the coast of the southern Ionian Sea. The local waters are protected by UNESCO.

Ascetic nature, luxury villas, luxury hotels are located on the rocky coast of the Ligurian Sea. If you floated for this, then you have chosen the right route. In numerous reviews about holidays in Italy, satisfied tourists talk about this particular coast.

Rest on the sea in Italy from a yacht opens for tourists a new side of this country. Yachting will allow you to make a long-awaited trip unforgettable, to visit not only on land, but also under water. In addition, the prices of active holidays in Italy are encouraging. This is a good opportunity to save money, learn a lot of new things, do various sports.

The main advantages of yachting and underwater hunting

Travel articles, which can be found on the Internet today, once again confirm that yachting together with underwater hunting opens up great opportunities for the tourist, allows you to look deeper, learn more, get the most out of your holiday.


The main advantages of outdoor activities on burning tours on a yacht include:
• access to picturesque coves, clean beaches, where ground transportation does not go;
• mobility. The land transport tourist manages to see a maximum of two or three nearest settlements and one island. Everything else is behind the screen;
• wide availability for different representatives of society. So, active holidays, tours in Italy, Greece on a yacht will be of interest to families with children, extreme individuals who love to get a drive from life, couples in love and newlyweds who went to their first family weekend, avid underwater hunters and novice fishermen, activists and seasoned tourists who are no longer surprised by the "hotel" rest. Everyone will find on the islands what he went on for this journey;
• financial availability. Sailing, scuba hunting has become more accessible. Today, rent a yacht for a group of tourists is also available, how to rent a hotel room. Prices for holidays for those who want to rest on the islands on land are not encouraging, so there is a great alternative - rest under sail on a snow-white yacht. In addition, it is a good opportunity to learn sailing, to feel like a captain of a yacht, to catch the rhythm of the waves and to sway for a long time on land, blurring in a smile like a “Cheshire cat” from a pleasantly spent time;
• an unusual pastime in the company of the crew members of the yacht, a good opportunity to make new acquaintances, meet like-minded people, like-minded people, get a powerful positive charge from communication.

The itinerary is developed taking into account the wishes of the crew. An experienced captain of the yacht will be able to show you the most interesting islands, amazing coasts, restaurants with the best cuisine, or arrange a feast after spear fishing directly on board the yacht or on the shore of one of the islands. Do not chain yourself in the walls of hotels! Sailing will allow you to see, hear and learn much more about the most popular resorts in Italy and Greece in just one tour.

Conquering new horizons with Kruiz yachting professionals If you decide to try yachting, be sure to contact the professionals. Club Kruiz will be able to efficiently organize your future vacation on the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. We will make sure that every member of the crew is satisfied.

фото с берега

As part of the tour, you can not only enjoy nature, sights, but also get a new experience in managing a yacht, as well as real international skipper’s rights to operate a vessel up to 25 meters.

Experienced instructors will tell all about yachting, spear fishing. From this tour you will learn:
• the most “fishy” places that land tourists cannot reach
• what time of day is the best for hunting;
• what is the optimal depth for diving;
• what are the best seasons and hunting grounds;
• All about guns for spearfishing and their features of use.

We have everything necessary for immersion: uniforms, equipment that will provide comfortable conditions for hunting in the Mediterranean.

We guarantee:
• flexible pricing policy;
• high service;
• carefully worked out routes in different directions. Highly qualified ship personnel with many years of practice easily manage the sailing facility;
• detailed preparation for a yacht voyage;
• safety of rest;
• cruise insurance, liability for it.

Book a tour now! We have the most affordable prices for holidays in Italy, Greece, an exciting program that will surprise even seasoned tourists.