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Saronic Islands Tour

16.05.2020 - 23.05.2020

Яхта сейшелы

Brief tour description

Duration: 1 week

Description of the yacht:

вместимость яхты

9 people

спальные места

8+1 places


4 cabins


45ft/ 14m

Price: 530€* (13 664грн)

Places left: 5


Discount program

For each customer listed, we give a discount of 50 €, or a money transfer of 50 €!

* Example 1: a company of two people receives a discount of 50 €, of three - 100 €, etc.

* Example 2: You find a client and we give you 50 €.


Attention! Discount for tour ONLY for new customers.

Tours on a yacht in Greece

остров Порторороза
Kea Island
остров Липари
остров Панареа
остров Стромболи
Marina Alimos

пляж на море

Holidays in Greece

To truly feel the romantic spirit of Greece, you must take a walk on a yacht. Covered in myths and legends of antiquity, this country is historically associated with sea travel and the most incredible adventures on sailing boats and small yachts. A dozen ancient seas - the Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Aegean, and others - are parts of the great Mediterranean Sea, washing the shores of Greece. The unique water area of ​​each of them is simply created for an unforgettable vacation on a yacht.

Seven days on a modern, comfortable yacht Bavaria 42 will take you on an exciting journey across the expanses of the Aegean Sea. As a real Argonauts, tourists will take a walk among the islands of the Cyclades archipelago. The tour starts from Alimos, one of the largest yachting marina in Greece, on the southwestern outskirts of Athens. Rest on the sea will alternate with convenient mooring on the most beautiful and popular Cycladic islands.


    Kea - the island closest to the mainland, in fact a suburb of Athens. It is considered an elite place: here, among the snow-white villas and luxurious restaurants, not only Greeks and tourists from all over the world spend their time, but also “stars” from all over Greece. The island is also popular among divers: after all, off the coast of Kea from the beginning of the last century rests on the bottom of the passenger ship Britannica.

    Syros - the most populated island in the heart of the Cycladic archipelago; recognized administrative, cultural and business center. Thanks to the fabulously beautiful coastline, Syros is a must-see for all yachts. Sailing along the island will remind footage of the most famous adventure films. Avid theatergoers will be interested to see the Apollo Theater (built in 1864) - an exact copy of La Scala in Milan.


    Mykonos is an island of eternal holiday, the most carefree and chic in the Cyclades. The favorable location at the crossroads of the sea routes provides Mykonos with a continuous stream of tourists. There is something to see. The picturesque forts in the Venetian style, the grandiose architectural complex Paraportiani, like painted streets, churches, windmills, taverns create the unique flavor of this island.

    Father Paros - even on the map stands out for its rounded outlines. In reality, the convenient coastline with numerous coves and bays has long conquered the hearts of sea vagrants on various yachts and catamarans. There are probably no fewer yachts here than the indigenous population. Shopping center in antiquity, today Paros is a popular resort island and tourist center.

    o.Kitnos - this is the majestic mountain landscapes, quiet and cozy coves, comfortable sandy beaches. People come here to enjoy the virgin nature of Greece, swim in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea and visit the healing hot springs.

    A trip on a yacht to the Cyclades will give a fantastic sense of freedom. A sailboat that slides easily through the waves, obedient to any movement of an experienced captain, will deliver to any, the most reserved part of the archipelago. The team of tourists will not only enjoy the sea, charge with solar energy, get acquainted with the unique nature and history of Greece.

Dedicated to yachting art, "recruits" will feel like real sailors after a week of sailing. Because it is impossible not to fall in love with the Mediterranean Sea, having made a real trip on a yacht on the islands of the Cycladic archipelago.


What is included in the price

1) stay on a yacht for 7 days;
2) skipper services;
3) the first and last night in the port;
4) security deposit (+ -4000e)
5) bed linen and towels;
6) parking in marinas;
7) fresh water, fuel;
8) cleaning after the cruise

What is NOT included in the price

1) flight (from 150 euros);
2) food


яхта Bavaria

Yacht Sun Odyssey 45 is suitable in all respects for a comfortable holiday in Greece. The length of the yacht is 46 feet or 14.25 meters. This model is equipped with 4 cabins and one large cabin. Number of places - 9. On the yacht there are all conditions for comfortable rest.

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