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Ponza Islands Tour

Pontine Islands

пляж на море

Ponza Islands Boat Tour

The Ponza Islands are an archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can enjoy them, going on a tour on a yacht. They all have a volcanic nature. The island group is rich in history and artifacts. Currently, the place is popular with tourists. Thanks to the beautiful beaches, a beach holiday is developed here. You can go diving in the lagoons.

Pontine Islands Features

Pontine Islands include 6 islands, of which only Ponza and Ventotene are inhabited, the rest are mainly visited only by tourists. All of them are accessible to tourists and are part of the most popular tours on yachts.

Ponza Island is the largest of the entire group in whose honor it is named. The coast is rich in beautiful rocky beaches. Grotto di Pilato is the main attraction of Ponza. It is an extensive network of tunnels, canals and pools dating from the Roman Empire. It is believed that the Romans used these pools for breeding fish.


Palmarola is an uninhabited island that has preserved the beauty of virgin nature. Got its name because of the growth of a large number of dwarf palm trees. It is a reserve. Rocky mountains, sandy beaches and a large amount of greenery makes it attractive for tourists traveling on a yacht. It is noteworthy that there is only one hotel on the island.

Ventotene is the second and last inhabited island of the group. A small but very green corner from ancient times was considered a garden in the middle of the sea. Many ancient Greek myths and legends of the Roman peoples are associated with it. And yet, this is a favorite tourist destination diving. In the protected area is an incredibly beautiful underwater world. When diving, you can admire not only nature, but also the ship Santa Lucia that sank in the 1940s.

The territories of Santo Stefano, Zanonne and Gavi belong to the national conservation park. The islands are small, but no less interesting and picturesque. Each is extraordinary in its own way and worthy of attention.

Choosing a tour of the islands of Italy on a yacht is very difficult to choose, because they are all rich in nature and history.


What is included in the price

1) stay on a yacht for 7 days;
2) skipper services;
3) the first and last night in the port;
4) bed linen and towels;
5) parking in marinas;
6) fresh water, fuel;
7) cleaning after the cruise

What is NOT included in the price

1) flight (from 150 euros);
2) food;
3) security deposit for the yacht

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