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Organization of recreation on a yacht

Rest on the sea in the understanding of the majority is associated with sluggish pastime on the beach. Tourists can only fall in the sand and look sad at one point. The most anticipated event of the day is sunset, which slightly changes the picture on the horizon. And even if this “picture” is sunny Greece or Italy. The soul still requires diversity, and it can provide a rest on a yacht.

организация туров, круизов

Benefits of Kruiz Yacht Vacation

If you want to organize for yourself and your loved ones the best holiday in Greece, our team will help you. Against the backdrop of competitors, our company has the following advantages:

1. Years of experience. This is the determining factor when choosing a company that organizes yachting tours. From the period of operation of the project, quality of service naturally depends. We know all the nuances of rest in the Mediterranean, we have studied the length and breadth of each coast before opening it for you.

2. You do not pay an insurance deposit for the yacht! The security deposit is the amount that is returned to you if the yacht and its equipment are given safe and sound. The size of the deposit varies depending on the yacht and charter company. Usually it is from 1500 to 2500 €. Most companies divide this bag between team members at € 200-250. Think about whether you are ready to part with such means;)

3. Reasonable prices. You will not find another yacht club providing services at such a high level at the same affordable price.

You can always book with us a tour on a yacht in Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Croatia, Thailand, etc. We have the widest range of yacht tours, hundreds of satisfied customers, many years of experience, and there are always discount tours on very pleasant prices. Also, with us you can always create a "customized" tour..

4. Highly qualified and carefully selected staff. Our team has captains at the “Yachtmaster RYA” level with many years of sailing management practice.

5. Spent routes in various directions. Rest on the yacht is on the already prepared routes or individually, together with our skipper, taking into account your wishes.

6. Detailed preparation for each flight. Before renting the yacht is checked for the integrity of standing and running rigging, engine condition, fuel in the tank and means of salvation, technical water reserves, the performance of navigation equipment and the radio.

7. Responsibility for the cruise. We guarantee that your trip on the yacht will take place and will meet your expectations.

8. Safety and insurance. We do not allow inexperienced skippers to operate the yacht. The best guarantee of yachting safety is the long experience of our captains. Also, our cruises are insured in European companies for thousands of euros.

9. Yacht management training. Being a professional is much more interesting than an ordinary amateur. We will help you to become them. Before going out to sea, a detailed briefing will be held, after which you can ask the captain of the yacht any question of interest.

Yachting training in the framework of the Kruiz project

We give our clients the opportunity to undergo training right during the rental of a yacht. At the end of the course, the international rights of the skipper are issued, with which you can drive sailing vehicles up to 25 meters anywhere in the world. If you want to learn how to command the water element and sailing transport, do not miss this chance!

Our skipper has not only professional acumen and captain's instincts, but also is endowed with teaching abilities and a sense of humor. You will quickly find a common language with him, easily and easily learn the material, and learning to yachting will be another vivid memory of the rest spent. Everyone can learn to control the boat. You just need the presence of desire and zeal. To obtain the rights you need to go from 500 nautical miles.

The cost of relaxing on a yacht in Kruiz


Let's look at the example of a sailing yacht charter in Greece. This is a budget option.

Renting a 12-meter boat in GOOD condition costs from 2000 € for 7 days. On such a vessel can live 8-9 people. The charter company provides the skipper from 1200 € per week. Fuel, fresh water, electricity, parking in ports, spring-cleaning will add to the price another 400 €. The security deposit is another 2200 €; this sum is returned if the ship surrenders intact.

If we sum up - we get € 3,600 for a cruise. Suppose you assemble a team of eight people and divide this bag equally. The cost of travel is reduced to 450 € per person.

But we are not only engaged in renting and managing boats. We are responsible for the safety of the vessel, we pay an insurance deposit, we create routes, we collect teams depending on interests, we help with the purchase of profitable air tickets, etc. All these services could be hung separate price tags. Our competitors do not provide such a range of services. How much more than € 450 should we ask for organizing the tour?

We thought long and carefully. The moment of truth ... 7 days of relaxing on a yacht in Greece costs 450 € per person, and no more!