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How to travel in Greece

Each year, about 17 million foreigners come to Greece. At the same time, tourism is the leading branch of the economy and is about 16% of the country's GDP.

It's a pity, but most tourists visit only Athens. However, from the point of view of urbanization and improvement, this city is not worth the money spent on a trip. All its historical and cultural sites may be visited in a couple of days. A lot of interesting things are located on the island side of Hellas.

To really "understand" Greece - you need to walk through its archipelago (group of islands). It's the easiest way to travel the islands on a yacht.

Advantages of yachting:

First, the yacht gives freedom of action. You decide where to go and when, unlike ferry crossings, when you need to constantly adapt to routes and schedules.
Secondly, it is an opportunity to visit ALL the islands. These can be places that attract both "maiden" nature and a rich history.
Thirdly, such a rest does not tire and does not bother. Every day you find yourself on a new island, and passages on a yacht - this is an interesting part of the journey, as well as the study of new places.

In other words, recreation on a yacht is diverse, unusual and productive. All that is required of our business audience (you). After such a rest, you will have a personal opinion about Greece as a country, in contrast to the tourist, which throughout the rest of the beach was lying on the beach, running from the beggars screaming "know Maneu", and during the breaks enriched with the culture of the Acropolis and the ever-built Parthenon.

Good for everyone. Develop and travel!

P.S. something Parthenon really restored a long time. You could already have 3 new builds.