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Travel Articles

About everything what is connected with yachting

Here we have collected all our materials about the rest on yachts. Articles about the Mediterranean countries, yachts, our services, photo gallery - all this you will find on this page. For more information - contact our managers in any way convenient for you.

галерея с фото

Our gallery

This is our gallery. Here are only the brightest shots made by our clients. Greece and Italy are in great demand among tourists hunting for juicy shots. When vacation ends, you will leave warm countries. But the Acropolis, Poros, Sicilian Volcanoes will forever remain in your photo album and... Read more


Our videos

This is our video archive. Here you can find our videos on the theme of leisure on a yacht in Greece and Italy. If you are interested in yachting in the Mediterranean Sea - go to the "Services and tours" section. You can also always contact our managers for more up-to-date information about a particular tour and about a holiday on a... Read more


How to Travel in Greece

Each year, about 17 million foreigners come to Greece. At the same time, tourism is the leading branch of the economy and is about 16% of the country's GDP. It's a pity, but most tourists go to Athens alone. I must upset you, in terms of urbanism and landscaping, this city is not worth the money spent on a trip. All its historical and cultural sites... Read more


Vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean

Rest on a yacht, the same kind of rest that will take you away from everyday life, hustle and bustle, and certainly will not leave indifferent. Just imagine, in the world there is only here and now, you, the yacht, the sea and magnificent landscapes, replacing each other overboard. And the wind drives everything away... Read more


How we are working

Rest on the sea in the understanding of the majority is associated with sluggish pastime on the beach. Tourists can only fall in the sand and look sad at one point. The most anticipated event of the day is sunset, which slightly changes the picture on the horizon. And even if this... Read more


Vacation on a yacht in Greece

Greece currently provides about 6,000 islands for traveling on yachts. Since only 227 of them are inhabited, many of these islands and their beautiful beaches are accessible only by boat. While relaxing on a yacht, the opportunity to explore the beauty of ancient buildings, secluded bays and... Read more


Traveling on a yacht in Italy

Holidays in Italy is beautiful! The customs of the country, its culture, cuisine, the incredible beauty of the surrounding places - all this acts as a magnet for the modern tourist. Going on vacation to the islands of Italy, everyone wants to see its golden beaches and find out the maximum of new places, get enough... Read more



The tender waters of the Mediterranean Sea since ancient times attracted mankind. They have been plied more than once by military and commercial ships, studied by scientists, sailors and simple fishermen. They cherish in the deep layers of amazing flora and fauna, to see which... Read more

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