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Our yacht recreation services

We are organizing recreation on a yacht (in Greece, Italy, Spain); selling the most profitable tours, cruises in the Mediterranean.

The day of the launch of the Kruiz "il vento" project on the Internet, we waited a year. Every detail has been brought to a high balance of quality, originality and availability. We have two years of experience behind us, dozens of charters, hundreds of satisfied customers.


Greece on a yacht


420€ More (1 place)

Italy on a catamaran


549€ More (1 place)

Italy on a yacht


649€ no vacancies

The birth of the idea began with our incredible yacht trip with friends on the islands of Spain. It was a transition from the Caribbean to Palma de Mallorca. Inspired by this kind of rest, we wanted to develop it, make it more accessible and popularize.

You will not find a company providing a service at such a high level at the same affordable price. Quality and affordable prices are our invariable postulates!

Which boat to choose?

Renting a new 12-meter yacht in Greece costs from € 2,000 for 7 days (more expensive in Italy). On such a vessel can live 8-9 people. The charter company provides the skipper from 1200 € per week. Fuel, fresh water, electricity, parking in ports, spring-cleaning will add to the price another 400 €. The security deposit is another 2200 €; this sum is returned if the ship surrenders intact.

If we sum up - we get € 3,600 for a cruise. Suppose you assemble a team of eight people and divide this bag equally. The cost of travel is reduced to 450 € per person.

But we are not only engaged in renting and managing boats. We are responsible for the safety of the vessel, we pay an insurance deposit, we create routes, we collect teams depending on interests, we help with the purchase of profitable air tickets, etc. All these services could be hung separate price tags. Our competitors do not provide such a range of services. How much more than € 450 should we ask for organizing the tour?

We thought long and carefully. The moment of truth ... You can always order from us 7 days of rest on a yacht in Greece for € 459 per person!

What type of vessel are you interested in?

It all depends on your budget!

Which boat to choose?

Sailing yacht is a good choice for budget yachting. It is equipped with an economical engine, which makes it possible to travel in calm weather. Sailing increases economy, 4-5 cabins give personal space to each team member.

Catamaran - the pinnacle of comfort. The rental price is 50% higher than a sailing yacht. Also catamarans are less economical than yachts. However, all this is offset by large, luxurious cabins.

A motor yacht is not a budget vehicle, but a quick one. The level of comfort is not inferior to the catamaran. Rental price is 2 times higher. Minus - high fuel consumption.

We rent the latest generation of yachts that allow you to relax in comfort. Charter companies keep track of their boats. Therefore, you should not worry about cleanliness.

our main services

We organize vacation on a yacht


Skipper services

Yacht control is an occupation requiring knowledge and experience. In order to rest on the yacht was without unpleasant "surprises", we provide you with the services of an experienced and skilled skipper (captain) of the yacht.

аренда яхты

Yacht rental

We will find you the perfect boat depending on your budget. All the work associated with the reception and return of the yacht - we do. This means that the responsibility for the vessel and your safety lies with us.

организация отдыха


The organization of the route in accordance with the interests of the team, insurance of the yacht, selection of the most profitable air tickets, organization of leisure - these are all our concerns.

Our offers:

1) Go to one of our scheduled trips.

2) Take advantage of our custom tour creation service.

Scheduled cruises will suit a group of people (1-6 people) who are starting to get acquainted with sea voyages. This category includes: a company of friends, a family, a guy with a girl, etc.

We rent a 7-9 local yacht, assemble a team, arrange all documents, insure a ship, accompany you from the airport to the marina (yacht parking), provide skipper services, etc. You just have to consult with us, choose the right route for you and go on an unforgettable vacation!

If you are over 6 people - it is worth thinking about the second sentence, yachting under the order. These include: corporate events, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. In other words, rest by big companies.

Turnkey yachting has several advantages. You yourself order the number of yachts, choose your own time and locations. There are no limits and limitations.

Most Popular Countries

Tours to Santorini, Sicily, Ibiza

  • Greece

    from 450 € per person

    Яхтинг в Греции
  • Italy

    from 550€ per person

  • Spain

    from 600 € per person


Briefly about the countries

Greece is the number one country for yachting. A large number of islands located nearby, makes the rest diverse. Every island is different. On one evening of parties and discos, on the other beautiful landscapes and nature, on the third rich architecture and cute coves.

In Italy, the emphasis is shifted towards nature and architecture. What is the island of Sicily. These are mighty volcanoes and exotic houses near the coast. Italy has a very clean sea. On Lampedusa Island, the water is so transparent that it seems the yachts are floating in the air. Rest will be a little more expensive than in Greece.

Spain is fun, disco and beautiful nature. Everyone heard about the island of Ibiza. He is good not only clubs, but also landscapes. It is worth noting that the rest in Spain is not quite budget. P.S. entrance to Privilege and Space costs from 30 to 70 €, so think about whether you like parties;)

Some reviews

We have hundreds of satisfied customers

отзыв о туре 1

2017, Helen:

"Our super trip was in early October 2017. The company has unleashed the coolest people who love active rest! For many of us yachting was the first time, so the emotions were overwhelmed. A huge role in this trip was played by our cool captain. Thanks)))”

отзыв об отдыхе 2

2016, Catherine:

“This is when you wake up in the morning, and around the sky-blue expanses, smooth blue calm and a white houseboat. "A day from scratch" and this is fine, perhaps, necessary in our urban-nervous and complex metusna. Reboot, aesthetics and grace.”

отзыв клиента 3

2017, Alexander:

“One can feel like a pioneer, go on a yacht, relax in full. Well, in fact - this is an incredible thing, rest on a yacht. And you do not need to have millions to afford it.) Thank you very much for the incredible chance to spend your vacation unforgettably))”

отзыв клиента 4

2015, Dmitriy:

“I went on a yacht 2 times)) I liked it very much! Pleased with underwater hunting (I recommend to all lovers). Water is much cleaner than the Black Sea, + on a yacht you can visit places where it is generally transparent. The perfect holiday for those who are tired of lying on the beach. Mediterranean countries are more interesting to explore from the sea;) ”



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